Hotel Malý pivovar

Hotel Malý Pivovar - České Budějovice

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Ubytování

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Ubytování

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Konference a školení

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Restaurace u Královské Pečeti

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Restaurace

Hotel Malý Pivovar - Hotelové Služby

About the Hotel

A cosy accommodation in the center of the town.

An excellent cuisine and the delightful beer from the Budvarka brasserie.

Conferences, congresses, seminars.

The building of the Malý Pivovar Hotel conceals the secret of the production of world-famous Budějovice's beer which contributes to the rich town's history.

The beer has been brewed up here since medieval age and an unique atmosphere of the house is transferred to the present image of the Hotel which represents the town České Budějovice.


Hotel MALÝ PIVOVAR v Českých Budějovicích hodnocení